Pura Luxe Amino Acid VS Keratin Treatments:


How does a Pura Luxe Amino Acid Treatment work? The presence of amino acids in this smoothing treatment will create Keratin rich hair making it smooth, strong, shiny, and healthy which improves the condition of the hair with prolonged use. The Keratin protein is just one small part of the 18 amino acids which make up the actual hair structure. Cysteine, a nonessential amino acid, is the active ingredient that allows the Pura Luxe treatment to leave hair strong, shiny, and smooth. It is considered to be safer alternative to traditional Keratin treatments.

How does a Keratin Treatment work? In order for the Keratin in a Keratin treatment to adhere to the hair and make it smooth, it needs some form of formaldehyde. When this active ingredient / preservative is combined with the high flat iron heat, a chemical reaction is formed and there is a release of toxic carcinogenic fumes. This reaction can also lead to hair breakage with prolonged use.