Welcome to our Pura Luxe Certification Program. Our certification process is easy to navigate, understand and complete. The education and training you embrace, will determine the level of success you achieve with the pura luxe protein smoothing treatment system.

Step 1: Please introduce yourself to us.  We would love to know a little more about you! Please click on the "introduce yourself" link below and submit your response. 

Step 2: Once you have completed step 1, click on the "Educate Me" link below to complete our Pura Luxe Certification Test and begin your journey to becoming a certified stylist!

We believe that by educating and training our stylists on how to best use our customizable treatment, they will achieve optimal results for their clients and enhance the integrity of our brand by establishing a quality standard for all certified Pura Luxe stylists. You can be confident knowing that every stylist will complete the same journey to achieve their certification, as you did! 

Step1 - Create an Account

Step 2 - Introduce Yourself

Step 3 - Educate Me


The Benefits of Pura Luxe + Becoming Certified:

  • You can offer your client a Non-Toxic Treatment that works and will leave their hair feeling shiny, smooth, and healthy.
  • You will have access to a Non-Toxic treatment that can be completely customized to satisfy your clients many needs and wants.
  • You will become well educated on the following treatments and be able to provide quality results:
    1. Smooth / Straight
    2. Reduce Frizz
    3. Repair & Heal
  • Your client will have no down time! She can workout, swim, or put her hair in a ponytail as soon as you are done.
  • You can color or highlight your clients hair as soon as you are done flat ironing your client!
  • You can offer Pura Luxe to a client with a history of chemical treatments with no danger of damaging their hair further.
  • You will no longer have to breathe in toxic fumes, work outdoors, come in on a sunday or after hours for a smoothing treatment.
  • You can offer the treatment even if she is wearing extensions.
  • This treatment lasts up to 6 months