MANE TAME Frizz Defying Home Treatment

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MANE TAME - Frizz Defying Smoothing Treatment: 

8 oz jar 

This revolutionary take home treatment is made up of a blend of our signature Amino Acid Protein Blend that temporary realigns the hair properties.It is packed with exotic natural butters and oils that enrich and replenish dry or damaged hair.  This 30 day treatment leaves the hair smooth and frizz free for up to 30 days. Results may vary 

This mask can be done at home one time per month ( up to 3 treatments per jar / depending on hair texture, density, and length)

- Formaldehyde Free

- Safe to use on previously chemically treated hair

- Can be self applied in the comfort of your own home 


Directions for Use :

Step 1 Wash hair with Shampoo only!

Step 2 Apply Pura Luxe take home treatment on DAMP HAIR about 1 cm from root

Step 3 Wait 30 minutes for fine frizzy hair and 50 minutes for coarse and curly hair

Step 4 Rinse product off with WATER ONLY for at least 5 minutes, then rough dry.

Step 5 Flat Iron the hair in small sections 3-4 passes per section at 430 degrees  ( for fine or blonde hair reduce flat iron heat to 400-410 ) 

      *  Excessive use of heat/heating tools on hair can leave hair dry and/or damaged

      *  Do not wash hair for 48 hours after done flat ironing.

      * Results may vary 

      * All Sales are final 



* Excessive use of heat/ heating tools on hair can leave hair dry and/or damaged ** Results may vary *** ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No returns, exchanges, or store credit


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Written by Myra Burden on Nov 16th 2020

Pura Luxe Take Home Smoothing Treatment

I tried this for the first time on 11/11. I followed the instructions and did not shampoo my hair until 3 days later. I can IMMEDIATELY see the difference. My hair is smoother with much less frizz! This product is everything and just what I needed. I used to get keratin treatments, but this has changed my mind about those. This is easy to do at home, safer (no fumes), and just perfect for my hair which is fine but curly. I LOVE IT!!

Written by Jasmine Yadegar on Sep 4th 2020

Protein Smoothing Treatment

I have fine thin frizzy wavy hair. I love the smell and feel of this product. It’s easy to use. When I flat ironed my hair it looked amazing. I received so many compliments on my hair texture, shine, smooothness, straightness. When I washed my hair days later it was sane as before. I still have to put product in my hair straighten and flat iron. You can only use this once a month. I’d rather get the treatment professionally done to get better long lasting results.